Enhance your SAP SuccessFactors suite with best in class Workplace Health & Safety.

We understand that making workplaces safer is an evolution. SafetySuite allows you to introduce the step changes required to improve your safety culture at a pace your business can absorb.

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SafetySuite solves your top 5 Safety Business Issues

Build a Safety Culture

Maintaining engagement and a positive safety culture is a process that must be driven by Management.

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Minimise Injury Claims

Ensuring workers get home safe every day has massive benefits ethically, socially and financially.

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Employee Engagement

By ensuring employees actively participate in safety processes it becomes part of everything they do.

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Hazard Recognition

Recognising and reporting all hazards ensures the business can react effectively and build a programmatic approach to risk

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Effective Incident Response

When things do go wrong, build trust with your workforce by reacting effectively and building your learnings back into the business.

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Reseller and Implementation network

SafetySuite can be fully integrated into your SAP SuccessFactors implementation through our extensive partner network.
Ask us how your existing partner can sell, implement and support SafetySuite for your business.

SafetySuite Business Processes

Keep your extended workforce of employees, contractors & volunteers safe with software anyone can use.

SafetySuite provides a comprehensive range of proven solutions for proactive safety and injury management. That’s why it has been trusted by SAP’s customer base for over 20 years.

Incident & Event Management
Hazard & Exposure Management
Action & Task Management
Impact Management
ISO Compliance
Notifications & Escalations
Risk & Control Registers
Control Failure Management
Stakeholder communication
Compliance schedules
Scheduled Audits
Workplace Inspections
Tool Box Talks
Behavioural Observations
Safety Meetings
Questionnaire Management
Confidential Events
Transfer of Responsibility
Formal Sign Off processes
Contractor Database
Injury Management
Workers Compensation
Insurances Register
Self Insurance
Return to Work
Incapacity payments
Health Monitoring
Email & SMS alerts
Reporting Suite & Dashboards

No two organisations are the same and what makes you unique matters.

Your SafetySuite implementation partner can quickly assess your level of safety maturity and match that to your requirements. Your blueprint is then created to leverage industry and prefigured templates and to determine any advanced configuration required.

It’s the best of both worlds. Preconfigured templates for speed, and clever configuration to keep you unique.

SafetySuite just makes things easy.

There are plenty of software companies out there that think building a bit of safety software is easy. But have they ever even worked in the field before? What’s dangerous about being a developer?

For the SafetySuite team, safety is all we do and all we have done for decades. But there is also a wealth of experience in our customer base. To leverage this, our R&D Board, which is comprised of our forward thinking customers, is in control of our product roadmap. They meet 3 times per year to discuss strategy, product improvement and legislative changes. This ensures our solutions are always relevant and timely.

Join the R&D Board and network with other safety and injury management professionals from companies like Australia Post, Victoria Police, CSR, Energy Queensland, NSW DCJ and Queensland Rail and tell us what your future will need.


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About us

We are a Melbourne based team of Safety Professionals, Specialist Consultants and Developers that really know our stuff. Our product, SafetySuite, has been supporting SAP’s customer base in evolving their safety values for over 20 years.

The SafetySuite team genuinely care about helping our customers improve their safety performance and getting their employees home safely every day.
As a privately owned company, our motivation is not about hitting short term revenue targets to justify the next round of venture capital.
We do one thing, and we do it brilliantly. We create and support SafetySuite.

Our customers range from the very large (95,000+ workers) through to smaller niche businesses (200 workers).
Regardless of size, safety matters. We have solutions for the public and private sectors and support every jurisdictions injury management processes.

We are an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

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